Our China Practice:  Efficiency is key

We can help you streamline your case and your case costs.  The Oliver-Zhang Law China practice  focuses on helping businesses and other legal teams concerned with potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations.  We have developed relationships with local counsel in Shanghai who are able to assist with internal investigations designed to discover the scope of potential government bribery and achieve compliance with the law.  Penetrating the Chinese language barrier, Ms. Oliver-Zhang can provide counsel and assist in interviews with the key players, craft the right search terms for an effective investigation, and perform targeted document reviews with experienced Chinese attorneys.  We will help cut down and narrow the scope of the investigation to what’s necessary.  We will help you determine your best course of action under the law with efficiency and streamline your case budget.

Experienced in complex Mandarin Chinese document review in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Antitrust, and contract disputes.  Oliver-Zhang Law can staff your project with the best Mandarin Chinese review attorneys who have passed the ALTA language test and our proprietary, high-level Chinese language screening to ensure command of the language and expertise in efficient document review.