The Coronavirus Crisis Has Caused Unprecedented Economic Hardship to Countless Families Across America – Bankruptcy Can Restore Your Life


No one could have predicted the financial calamity that has befallen so many hardworking American families. If you lost your job, are unable to work, suffer serious health problems, or simply do not have the money to pay your credit cards, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Filing for bankruptcy may help you pave a more stable financial future for you and your loved ones. It is a strategic and useful method for eliminating debt and rebuilding your financial life.

Bankruptcy is a Responsible Decision

We understand.  You have done everything you could do to avoid bankruptcy. It is never easy to take that first step to confront your creditors and their debt collectors.  We are here to help you negotiate the best outcome. It takes resilience and courage to start over.  Bankruptcy can be the logical and responsible decision. The federal Bankruptcy Code gives financially overwhelmed Americans forgiveness, and the right to start over.  It is a new beginning without guilt. No more anxiety over your high-interest loans and mounting debts that threaten you and your family’s livelihood.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that offers individuals or businesses freedom from their debts, while simultaneously providing creditors an opportunity for some repayment, or repayment over time. What your finances will look like after preparing and filing for bankruptcy, and what exempt assets you will get to keep versus what you will have to give up to repay your creditors will vary by individual circumstances.  Bankruptcy allows you the option to eliminate debt or repay creditors over time without penalties. Filing for bankruptcy shields individuals from future creditor attacks and protects you and your family’s most crucial assets.

Different Types of Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals, and does not require a repayment plan, but does require you to liquidate or sell nonexempt assets to pay back creditors.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization plan most often used by large businesses to help them stay active while repaying creditors.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy eliminates debts through a repayment plan that allows you to pay back a portion of your debt over a three- or five-year period.

Free Consultation to Protect You and Your Family

It is essential to timely consult an experienced lawyer with comprehensive knowledge in bankruptcy law so you could figure out the right option for you. Oliver-Zhang Law handles our clients’ bankruptcy cases personally and compassionately.  You will never become just another case number.  We strive to empower you with knowledge to make the best choices for your financial life in navigating through the bankruptcy process.  We are here to help you arrive at a better, debt-free tomorrow. We provide affordable, quality legal services, and work hard to bring your bankruptcy case or legal concerns to the best possible resolution. Contact our bankruptcy attorneys today so we can help you get relief, protect your family’s financial future, and embark upon your renewed financial life at 202-643-1110 or [email protected].