Super Lawyers Names Julie Oliver-Zhang as Top Attorney and Rising Star in Washington Post Magazine 


Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang Recognized as DV LEAP Hero for Providing Legal Assistance to Domestic Violence Victims

 How Does DV LEAP’s Mission

Inspire Heroes Like Julie?

When pro bono attorneys like Julie Oliver-Zhang partner with DV LEAP, they become heroes – for survivors of abuse and for justice.
“I think that if you decide to work in this field, you have made a pact to fight injustice. And injustice is hard to witness, especially when it happens to the most vulnerable people who have no way to defend themselves.” 

Domestic violence cases are an opportunity for attorneys to use their legal skills on behalf of survivors and their children who seek protection. We are proud to work with Julie and our network of 175+ pro bono lawyers across the U.S.

Julie Oliver-Zhang is a DV LEAP Hero!

 Washington Chinese Daily News

Earlier this year, Attorney Oliver-Zhang was a guest of the public access TV program, Washington, My Home.  In January 2017, she was invited as a special guest to the TV program’s ten-year anniversary celebration.  Washington, My Home is an unique TV program intended to keep the Washington, DC metro-area Chinese community informed and connected with news and notable people in the area.

Described in the article as:

“Young and Accomplished”, Attorney Oliver-Zhang, on three separate show segments, discussed domestic abuse and victim’s rights in protecting themselves and their children with legal remedies, defective drug injuries and the right to claim compensation from drug companies, and both the reward and perils of EB-5 investment visa for Chinese investors.  Her son, Sage Oliver-Zhang was also praised for his singing of Chinese children’s songs at the celebration.


「家在華府」 新季開播
(English Translation – “Home in Washington,” the new TV series season launch)
Chinese World Journal
reprinted in SC Daily News

Visa program for wealthy investors maxed out by Chinese demand
Los Angeles Times

(English Translation – Julie Oliver-Zhang, Champion for Victims Receives Recognition)
Chinese World Journal

(English Translation – New Avenue for Speedy Application of Green Card for Same-Sex Partners)

Chinese World Journal

(English Translation – Horror Lover)
Hummingbird Blog

US cancer sisters settle with drug firm

Settlement reached in pregnancy drug lawsuit
4 sisters say they developed breast cancer after mom took DES
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Drug for moms linked to health trouble in daughters

Eli Lilly Settles Mass. Pregnancy Drug-Cancer Case
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Sisters settle suit over pregnancy drug
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Eli Lilly settles suit with sisters who say pregnancy drug their mother took gave them breast cancer
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Drug Maker Settles With Sisters Who Blame Cancer On Pregnancy Drug
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Women sue over link between pregnancy drug, breast cancer
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Drug Company Settles in Court Case Linking Pregnancy Drug to Breast Cancer

Sisters reach settlement in pregnancy drug lawsuit
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DES Daughter Petitions Eli Lilly to “Fess Up on DES”
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Lone Jack woman advocates for more awareness about Diethylstilbestrol
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Thousands of women could be at risk from ‘silent Thalidomide’
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Court Victory For Women Who Claim Drug Gave Them Cancer
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