Compassion, Dedication, Justice

Dealing with any lawyer can be such a daunting task, and as a single father trying to finalize my divorce and custody agreement, it was safe to say that my expectations were measured at best. Julie and her team did a tremendous job in making me feel valued and took the time to get to know me as a person prior to even making a decision on taking my case. Her expertise in family law made me feel reassured and the open lines of communication gave me a sense of relief knowing that I could reach out and ask her legal counsel on any circumstance that arose during the process. Being with my son is the most important thing to me, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of Julie and her team.
I would highly recommend her firm to anyone in need of family & immigration law services.

F.S. from Maryland, April 2020

To say that I’m thankful and grateful for Julie Oliver-Zhang’s services would be an understatement. After speaking to two other attorneys who weren’t willing to take on my “slip and fall” claim, Julie didn’t hesitate to represent me. The case took two years to get through and she never once wavered in her attention to detail, professionalism, or compassion for what I was going through. Julie is a tireless advocate for her clients, always putting their interests first, which made it so easy to trust her. With her guidance, persistence, and expertise she was able to win my case. If you’re looking for a full-service attorney, Julie Oliver-Zhang and her team are second to none.

M.A. from Virginia, February 2020

After my son was hit by an Uber driver while we were visiting Washington, D.C. from New York City, it was daunting task to find a lawyer far away from home. Fortunately, a friend who practices negligence law in NYC researched the Washington bar on my behalf and learned about the extraordinary practice of Julie Oliver-Zhang, Esquire.

As a Chinese immigrant not comfortable in English (yes, this comment is written with the assistance of Google translate!), I needed an attorney who could communicate with me in Mandarin. Ms. Oliver-Zhang and her dedicated colleagues explained every aspect of my case to me with the greatest patience. They advised me over many years and were vigilant in standing up to Uber and the insurance company. The result was an outstanding settlement for my son who has suffered greatly and deserved the best legal representation. Thank you to Ms. Zhang and her extraordinary colleagues — Rachel, Amanda, & Kelly. You give a great name to the legal profession. Needless to say, I recommend them with boundless enthusiasm to anyone who wants the finest representation.

J.L. from New York, 2020

I was seriously injured in a horrible medical negligence case. Friends recommended a couple lawyers. As I reside in MD, one of the few states that has laws protecting big business establishments, the couple lawyers did not give me much hope to get justice. Luckily, I got in contact with Julie. She is so different. She listened to my ordeal with compassion. She believed in me. She gave me hope that justice would be done. It turned out my case is a very tough one. I was against a powerful and deep pocket establishment that has the resources to drag the case out to 6 years long. During this lengthy and time-consuming process, Julie and her team never give up on me. Their patience, compassion, professionalism, and legal knowledge are all number one. Julie is amazing. I feel that she was always on top of my case, gave me updates and progress throughout the years, gave me encouragement and hope that justice would be done. If you have a tough case and want justice, I will not recommend anyone else but Julie Oliver-Zhang.

S.S. from MD, 2020

I have been very pleased with the law services provided by Julie Oliver-Zhang in settling a personal injury lawsuit. Several months after a devastating accident while undergoing physical therapy, Julie sat down with us and discussed the options we had in getting my wife fairly compensated. She let us know from the start how long it might take to settle or go to trial, and how our case was impacted by our state’s personal-injury laws which made it even tougher. Julie’s team of excellent legal professionals were soon able to make us feel more comfortable and confident that we were doing the right thing in fighting for compensation for my wife. Julie kept us up to date and helped us throughout the legal fight. I firmly believe that Julie did an excellent job handling our lawsuit. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an experienced, skilled and caring lawyer to help them fight for the compensation they are due.

M.P. from MD, 2020

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Oliver-Zhang Law team for my wife’s application for adjustment of status (from travel visa to permanent resident). At the start, we were simply seeking consultation about our options, but we immediately felt comfortable with them. Throughout the process, we had numerous phone conversations with Rachel as they helped figure out a strategy for us, and we were in contact with several members of their team at different points. We greatly appreciated their availability and how patiently they listened to our story and the special considerations we had. Moreover, they were very flexible and cooperative with us in devising an approach that we were comfortable with.

The Oliver-Zhang Law team thoroughly prepared us for every step of the process. Prior to submitting our application, they helped us gather a wide range of supporting evidence. They also helped us organize and select evidence to include with our submission, and prepared a briefing that detailed our background and grounds for admissibility as well as outlined all of our supporting evidence. On top of that, they prepared multiple briefings to address to the special considerations we faced. Post submission, they stayed in contact with us anytime they received case notifications, helped us gather post-submission evidence, and continued to answer our questions. Once our interview was set, Julie led us through a comprehensive mock interview, and the team continued to write supporting documents and answer questions, even on the day of our interview when Julie met us. Our interview was a success, and my wife’s application was quickly approved thereafter.

Overall, my wife and I confidently recommend Julie and her entire team to anyone looking for knowledgeable, experienced, prepared, and successful attorneys who are always available, willing to listen, and easy to work with.

M.L. from MD, 2020

Before I called the Law Office of Julie Oliver-Zhang, two other law advisers told me that my case was too hard and risky; A couple of great friends from church highly recommended Julie’s services and since the first call was free, I figured, Why not? It was the best decision I could take! She asked me to send her an email with the details of my case, next day she followed up with the free call and she told me that she could help me, she was very upfront with the total price and explained the process from the beginning. My husband and I could tell Julie and her team really knew what they were doing, Marcela, Rachel and Julie were always very cordial and professional. I was impressed when I saw a big binder with all our pictures and information and the narrative of how our story began until the present time, how they took the time to practice before the interview and how Julie was right there with us while we were being interviewed. I have been recommending the Law Office of Julie Oliver-Zhang to my friends and I will always be thankful for all their help.

Client from Maryland, September 2017Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Civil Protective Order
Prior to finding Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang, my partner and I were stuck on whether we could go to a lawyer for help on our same-sex, immigrant marriage green card visa application. We were concerned because of our cultural background has never been open to same-sex marriages.  We both decided we would research, and after our first conversation with Julie, we knew that she and her team would help us.  My partner and I are very thankful and grateful to Julie and her entire staff, particularly Attorney Amanda Utterback.  Because of their hard work, dedication and trust in us, we are able to live our lives together.  Julie and all of her associates treated us with the utmost respect.  They were culturally sensitive and helped us feel comfortable during all parts of the process.
Most people from our cultural background do not accept same-sex marriages, so it was hard to find someone who would be open to us and also make us feel comfortable.  From our initial meeting, Julie and her team made us feel loved and we knew we could confide in them.    For others who are in a similar situation, we can without hesitation, recommend that Julie and her team be the ones to help you.
Julie’s team was extremely professional and maintained the cultural understanding that we doubt could be found anywhere else.  They took the time to listen to our concerns, and helped us through the process of making our dreams come true.  They had set a timeline and were right on it, providing us with information every step of the way.  We had full faith in Julie and her team.
We just successfully received the marriage green card!  We can without a doubt recommend Julie and her team to anyone.  Their professionalism, cultural understanding, timeliness, were all apparent.  We felt as though we were rescued by Julie and her team, and will forever be grateful to them.
S.S. from Maryland and J.K. from India, July 2017Same-Sex Marriage Green Card
I am so thankful to have found Julie through a network of victim advocates.  Julie was born to do what she does.  She showed me true compassion in the most difficult times, while at the same time striking the perfect balance with efficiency and professionalism.  She reassured me and empowered me to face my fears so that I could move forward.  There is an art in how she gets to the heart of what she needs to know so that she can resolve issues quickly.  She was a tireless advocate, and a fierce negotiator – it was easy for me to trust her with my case.  Julie and her team were always available when I needed them, but also helped me to access community resources and address some issues on my own to minimize legal fees.  She was successful in navigating a complex case that crossed jurisdictions, securing a favorable settlement, and helping me to move past a very dark time in my life.
Client from Maryland, September 2017Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Civil Protective Order

I am a victim of the medication drug, Actos. In the past few years, I was injured by this drug and contracted bladder cancer, but no one would help me with the claim. Fortunately, I met Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang, and she brought me great tidings. Her renowned reputation in the legal industry gave me the confidence to rely on her.  I trustingly chose her to represent me in my drug product liability medical injury claim. She is very responsible, and maintained superb client communications with me.  With her professional knowledge, Attorney Oliver-Zhang comprehensively collected the most persuasive evidence for my case.  She knows how valuable your case is, and how to obtain just compensation for the victim. She and her team worked hard for more than a year while providing me with the most thoughtful and caring legal services.  They won top dollars for my compensation. I am more than satisfied with their services.  Attorney Oliver-Zhang is credible, trustworthy, and she is an experienced negotiator and trial attorney. She always fights for client’s greatest interests. I am so grateful to Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang and her team.  With the deepest appreciation, thank you!

我是一个Actos 药物的受害者。在过去几年间我受到药物伤害并获得膀胱癌,又无法申诉,幸亏让我遇到了詹律师,她带给我福音。詹律师在业界着名的口碑让我放心选择了她代表我的医疗伤害赔偿。她是负责任的,与我有良好的沟通,她能应用专业知识全面收集有利证据,知道如何要求受害人赔偿的合理价值。她和她的团队用了一年的时间,辛勤努力的工作和周到的服务,为我赢得了高额赔偿,我很满意。她是可靠的,值得信任的,她也是一个熟练的谈判者和诉讼律师,为了客户争取到最大的权益。感谢詹律师和她的团队。感恩!

Client K. X. from Virginia, 2016Drug Product Personal Injury Victim








C.L. from Hunan, April 2017Frozen Assets Defense Against DOJ

“Welcome To The United States of America.” This is the warm welcoming I just received after having my I-485 to marriage green card approved with the help of The Law Firm of Julie Oliver-Zhang.  Julie and her Associates were able to take a 3 year long case, that had unsuccessfully been handled by a previous attorney and get an approval in 9 months from start to finish.  In an uncertain and ever changing immigration environment, my husband and I had peace of mind knowing that our case was being handled with the utmost sincerity and our best interest came first.  If you and your family are searching for a trustworthy source, then please give them a call. They take the time to listen and understand what is most important to you!

” Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos de América”, esta fue la bienvenida que recibí después que mi I-485 fue aprobado con la ayuda del equipo de Abogados de Julie Oliver Zhang.  Julie y su equipo de abogados son muy profesionales y pudieron  tomar mi caso que estuvo por 3 años sin éxito por un un anterior abogado. Gracias al Law Firm de Julie Oliver Zhang, mi caso fue aprobado  en 9 meses de inicio a fin.  En un ambiente muy desertado en el que mi esposo y yo nos encontrábamos, pudimos finalmente sentir tranquilidad y paz mental sabiendo que nuestro caso estaba en manos de Julie y equipo.  Si usted y su familia necesitan un abogado de confianza, por favor contacten a la abogada Julie y equipo. Ellos les dedicarán tiempo completo y entendiendo que es lo más importante y conveniente para usted.

Client G.G. from Peru, 2016Marriage Green Card with Prior Delays

Julie came highly recommended to me from a friend who works with domestic violence issues and security in the workplace. I am so happy I followed that lead.

It was the best decision of my life.

I came to Julie with a complicated and urgent situation involving domestic violence, sexual assault, and marriage fraud. I was a victim facing terrifying allegations that I was the aggressor and abuser. I’m a U.S. citizen and a sponsor for my husband who holds conditional permanent residency. I’d suspected he was leading a double life with another wife back home. I wanted a separation and he refused. Julie took great care listening to my story and finding the truth in it. After our first meeting, I trusted her completely. She was compassionate and treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Her staff was also amazing in the way they welcomed and supported me. We only had a short time to prepare before our court appearance scheduled the following Monday morning. Julie worked tirelessly all week and weekend long up to the very last hour which was around 11:00 pm Sunday night. She successfully negotiated at that late hour giving me exactly what I wanted – a voluntary separation and property settlement agreement on the house. I am grateful that I did not have to go before a judge and put my horrible domestic life on public display. However, I’m convinced that had we gone before the judge that we would have won. Julie is spectacular and if I were ever to have legal problems related to domestic violence or immigration, I would turn to her in a heartbeat.

Client H.M. from Washington Metropolitan AreaDomestic violence and workplace security case

“Julie and her team are very professional and considerate. We would definitely recommend her team to whoever needs legal assistance. We are same-sex couple from Florida and we got married in Washington, D.C. My husband is a U.S. citizen and I’m from a foreign country and as soon as we got married, we started to prepare our green card application. We were on a very tight budget and schedule and our case had a lot challenges, as my visa was about to expire and we didn’t have enough time to arrange a wedding reception. My husband has been a full-time graduate student since 2012, so we had to find a co-sponsor for our green card application. With Julie and her team’s assistance, we collected more than enough evidence to support our application. Julie and her team’s attorney fee were very reasonable and her team expedited and submitted our application within three weeks.”

我和我的丈夫是来自佛罗里达的同性婚姻伴侣。我们的绿卡申请相对棘手。首先我们的同性婚姻在佛罗里达并不被州法律认可。 所以我们赴华盛顿领取了我们的结婚证并和詹律师第一次见了面。第一次见面,她给我们留下的印象非常自信,负责,专业。她像我们的朋友一般,畅所欲言,仔细分析我们的申请,詹律师此前成功协助同性伴侣成功拿到绿卡以及她无微不至的关切给了我们很大的慰藉。我的丈夫因为还在学校攻读硕士,收入无法满足移民局的要求,这也成为了我们申请的另一个挑战。我们申请最大的挑战便是时间的紧迫性。我的签证即将到期。由于我们的时间仓促,我们没有举办婚礼而且我们所能提供的辅助材料也非常有限。在詹律师和他的团队的协助下,我和我丈夫在三周内便提交了我们的绿卡申请。在短短的三周内,通过与詹律师的密切交流和合作,我们准备搜集了非常充足的材料。在我们最需要帮助的时候,詹律师非常细心的指导我们准备申请材料,宽慰我们焦急的心情,使我们对我们的申请充满了信心。

Client A.D. in FloridaA same-sex marriage client whose F-1 visa and OPT expired:

“In the DC metropolitan area where family law attorneys are abundant in supply, it has become common to hear stressful stories of people who have searched long and hard for the right attorney for their cases, only to retain an attorney who suddenly loses interest and dedication to their case shortly after they have been paid a large retainer fee.

This is not the case with the Oliver-Zhang Law Office legal team, as they do not shy away from a complex case and will bring the necessary tough litigation strategy, skill and fierce determination to see your case through to the very end.

Even more importantly, Julie Oliver-Zhang is one of the few attorneys whom you can trust and who will not sell you out in those infamous side discussions and negotiations with opposing counsel. My case was a “David vs. Goliath” scenario, wherein my opponent had endless resources and a strong legal team. Despite this overwhelming situation that intimidated and bested my previous attorneys, Julie and her team were able to successfully navigate through all of the obstacles that the opposing side tried to throw our way.

In the end, we were victorious and she was able to get me an outcome greater than what I had expected. Moreover, her senior counsel, Amanda Utterback, is excellent in her legal skills and very innovative in developing litigative strategies. Together they are a force not to be reckoned with.

It is with high praise and admiration, and no hesitation that I recommend the Oliver-Zhang Law Office legal team.”

Client from DC Metropolitan AreaFamily law case
“Julie Oliver-Zhang is the kind of person you would want in your corner if circumstances had rendered you a victim of negligence or injustice.  Not only is she mega-smart, she is ‘smart with a heart’.  In my life experience knowing people in the legal profession, Julie exhibits a rather rare passion for righting inequity or wrongdoing because she wants to win justice for her clients, not just win a case.  While she was handling my case we were separated by 3,000 miles, yet with every call I felt her warmth, strength, concern for me, and a very real personal connection.  Communication was articulate, succinct, positive, and reassuring.  I never doubted I had been placed in the best hands possible for my case.  If she is your lawyer you are lucky you found her.”
Client M.C. in CaliforniaNegligence case
“Julie Oliver-Zhang was my family’s saving grace during my step-mother’s DES case.  My dad was never the same after his wife died of breast cancer.  After she died, he vowed to continue the case that his wife had initiated and Julie was there to shepherd it through.  She was a compassionate advocate for my family and  always made herself available to answer delicate questions and provide well thought out solutions under tenuous circumstances.
Thanks to Julie’s dedication, hard work, and persistence,  my dad’s case was resolved.  I am deeply grateful for her efforts.”
Client M.L. in New YorkProduct Liability case
“I tried to file my fiancée’s K-1 visa on my own at first, but to our dismay, USCIS denied our application.  On the recommendation of a good friend, I started working with Julie on the compilation and submission of my fiancée’s K-1 visa.  From the beginning to the successful completion, they were highly professional, offered innovative solutions and worked closely and at all hours to ensure a thoughtful application. Because of their work, a normal decision time of 5 months (at the Visa Center for Step 1) took only 1 month.  I strongly recommend Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang and will work with them on green card and US citizenship processing.”
Client V.I. in Washington, DCfiancée K-1 immigration visa case
“I worked with Julie Oliver-Zhang for almost two years as she took on a very complex case with multiple plaintiffs and defendants.  During this time Julie was always highly professional, responsive to my questions, and passionate about our case.  I always felt she was fighting as hard as was possible to see that justice prevailed (it did).  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services in any case where you need a smart, tough attorney to see that justice is done.”
Client A.W. in New York
“One word to describe Julie and her team: amazing. Julie is an exceptional attorney. She is bright and brilliant. Julie’s extensive litigation experience really shined through for my parents’ case. My parents’ employer did not follow appropriate employer protocols and pay my parents accordingly. Due to lack of employment contract and pay stubs, many attorneys turned away my parents’ case knowing great injustice had occurred.From the onset, Julie was very good at setting my parents’ expectation about the strengths and challenges of their case. Julie and her team worked tirelessly on my parents’ case and they were always cordial and timely in their responses. Julie’s analysis was always spot on. She really helped my parents understand the risk involved throughout different stages of the lawsuit and navigated an otherwise contentious negotiation. After  rounds of negotiation, my parents were able to get a settlement that they were very satisfied with. Without Julie and her team, my parents would have never been able to recover the wage owed to them. My family couldn’t thank Julie and her team enough for their dedication, hard work, and perseverance! I would not hesitate to recommend Julie and her team for your legal needs.”
Client V.N. in CaliforniaEmployment case

“Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang  is not only a diligent, meticulous, and responsible lawyer, but she is also a friend who is full of love and compassion.  Because of her help, I successfully received my green card and permanent residency, which allowed my child and I to start a new, stable life in the United States.

I came to the United States in 2008 with a K-1 fiancee visa.  After I was married, I received my conditional green card in 2010.  During this time, I became pregnant, but my ex-husband did not want children and became abusive.  I was divorced before I was allowed to remove the condition on my green card and was then without legal status in America.  My ex-husband absolutely refused to help me apply for permanent green card.
I had no job, no money, and spoke no English.  I was alone with my newborn son, otherwise accompanied only by anxiety, hopelessness, and tears.  Three months after the divorce, I met Attorney Oliver-Zhang through a women’s rights organization.  She took my case free of charge.
She was extremely dedicated, thorough, and reliable.  After hearing my story through a few interviews that felt more like chatting with a friend, she wrote a brief that was 25 pages long within a single week.  She carefully asked about every key detail, and went to the church and the police station many times to obtain the best evidence to support my case.  She also helped me, like a good friend, by encouraging and uplifting me.  During that painful and helpless period in my life, she made me feel warm and cared for.  Six months after the divorce, I successfully received my 10-year permanent residency green card.  Thereafter, I began to work, attend school, and raise my young son.  Life gradually settled down and became normal.
I am truly grateful to Attorney Oliver-Zhang.  I was able to successfully receive my green card even without a U.S. citizen sponsor because of her hard-work, dependability, and effectiveness.  Her selflessness and compassionate care and encouragement helped me get through the tough times.  Thank you so much, Julie.”
J.L.’s Original Chinese text below:

“詹久誼律师 不仅是一个认真、严谨和负责的律师,还是一个充满爱心的朋友。在她的帮助下,我顺利地取得了永久绿卡,和我的孩子可以在美国重新过上了安定的生活。

我是2008年1月K-1 未婚妻签证来到美国,结婚后在2010年7月取得了2年的婚姻绿卡。在这个过程中,由于我怀孕而前夫坚决不同意生下孩子和家暴而离婚,而且前夫拒绝为我申请永久绿卡。没有工作、没有钱、没有语言能力、带着一个刚几个月大的孩子, 彷徨、无助和眼泪伴随着我。2010年3月在DC妇女维权组织的帮助下, 我认识了 詹律师。詹律师无偿接下了我的案子。

她非常认真、严谨和负责。在得知我的故事和几次朋友式的面谈之后,她在一个星期之内为我写下了长达25页的材料。她仔细询问每一个细节,并且多次到警察局和教会为我取得了多样有利的证据。她还像朋友一样鼓励我帮助我。让我在那个及其困苦和无助的日子里感受了那么多的爱和温暖。2010年7月,在 詹律师律师 的帮助下,我顺利的取得了10年永久绿卡,并在随后的日子里打工、上学、抚育年幼的儿子,生活慢慢趋于安定。


Chinese client J.L. in VirginiaGreen card and permanent residency immigration case

With heartfelt appreciation for Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang –

Everyone has a dream.  For me, it was coming to America.  In the beginning, my dream seemed to be out of reach.  However, Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang made my dreams come true!

Before I came to the U.S., I had consulted with other lawyers many times about how to apply for an L-1 Visa. Disappointed time after time, my applications failed and I saw no possibility to succeed. The extremely complicated procedure frustrated me.

In fortuitous moment, I saw Attorney Oliver-Zhang in a Chinese newspaper.  Her bright, encouraging smile drew me to contact her without hesitation.  Her voice was full of passion and enthusiasm. We had a pleasant talk for a full thirty minutes, and speaking to her assured my decision to choose her to be my attorney.

The first time we met was in the lobby of the hotel my family and I stayed.  Not only did she have extensive knowledge, spoke with frankness and honesty, and was responsible, but I also saw how she stood out from attorneys— she was zealous and sincere.  Her friendly, smiling face was so personable and made me feel warm and at ease to talk to her.  This left a deep impression on me.  

These reasons led to my resolute decision to choose her as my lawyer, and she helped me successfully obtain my L-1 visa approval, and derivative visas for my husband and my child.

I witnessed her sincerity, diligence, and the optimistic heart of a responsible, good attorney who truly wanted to help people.  I want to express my earnest appreciation for her.

During our interactions, my assessment of Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang is that she is professional, skilled, compassionate, kind, optimistic, and is a trustworthy, reliable, good lawyer.  I want to give her a million thanks from my heart.

From our first meeting in May 2014 to May 2015, when my L-1 visa was approved by the USCIS, I changed from a client to a friend in a year’s time.

I appreciate that my home country cultivated me.  I appreciate God for giving me the chance to come to the United States.  And I also want to give my most heartfelt gratitude to Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang, who gave me the opportunity to remain in the United States.  Thank you.  I wish her a prosperous career, and hope that more people could receive her help when they are in need.

Original letter from X.S.: 



认识詹久谊律师,是一个偶然的机会!在我来美之前我也曾多次的寻找咨询过关于来美国工作签证的事宜,但是我一次次失望,总认为无法申请成功。因为程序太烦琐了,但是在一次偶然的那一瞬间,我看到了一份中文报纸上面显示一张:微笑带有鸿运面孔吸引了我,于是我毫不犹豫的拔通了詹律师的电话,她的声音充满激情 怀有热情。我在和她足足聊了30分钟,从她的谈话中让我肯定的选择了她作为我的律师。

第一次当时我们住的宾馆的大厅见到她,除了感受到她的博学、率真和责任外,更看到了与想象中的律师不同的东西———她充满了热情 坦诚。给我印象最深刻的是她那一张始终保持微笑的面孔,让我感觉亲切,健谈。


一切可以见证,詹律师是一位勤勤恳恳,有责任心 更乐天助人的一位好律师,在这里我向她表示衷心的感谢。

在和她的交流相处的整个过程中,我对詹久谊的定义是:办事专业,娴熟 为人厚道,乐观开朗。直率坦诚,是一位值得依赖的好律师。



Client X. S. from ChinaImmigration case from client currently living in Washington, DC with her family

“I would definitely recommend Julie to my friends and family because of how personable she is and how knowledgeable she is, and how she goes the extra mile.  You can expect someone who is like a friend, who will be there by your side and guide you through.  I had no real expectations of a lawyer because I had never used one before.  It ended up being someone who actually cared.  She made you feel at ease, that nothing was not doable.  For somebody to put up that big of a fight, it makes you feel like you have to put up that big of a fight as well.  She has a passion for what she is doing and she gives that passion to other people.  I feel that she fought for everything she could fight for and did everything she possibly could.   She is a go-getter and she will get whatever she can get for her clients.  It’s amazing someone would have that much desire to help the victim.  I definitely feel like Julie fought for me and my family every step of the way to make the drug companies pay for what they did.”

Client E.Z. in Missouri

“Learning that my cancer may have been caused by an untested and ineffective drug therapy was devastating.  From the moment I began working with Attorney Julie Oliver-Zhang, I knew I had a kind, caring individual in my court who would work tirelessly for me and my family.  Our case was a true David vs. Goliath situation, and Julie fought with everything she had for us.  I truly appreciated how quickly Julie responded to my calls and e-mails, and always felt like my case was a priority.  Thank you Julie!”

Client A.M. in MassachusettsProduct Liability case

“Julie’s compassion about our issue was self-assuring. She guided us, encouraged us, and was more than our attorney. She made us feel like her family. Julie’s team was flawless and consistently updated us on what was going on and gave us the confidence we needed on this sensitive issue. Let’s face it, same sex marriage is a challenge in and of itself, and to add same sex, LGBT immigration on top of that, takes someone with patience, talent, and confidence, all of which Julie possesses.”

Client S.S. in Floridasame-sex marriage green card client

“I very much appreciated Julie Oliver-Zhang’s attention, responsiveness and support during this lengthy and time consuming process. I can’t say enough good things about her focus on my particular case to its final conclusion.  Thank you!”

Client W.K. in California

第一次在律師樓見到詹久誼律師,除了感受到她的博學、率真和責任外,更看到了與想像中的律師不同的東西:  她的愛心和同情心。這使我沒有任何壓力,敢於向一個陌生人講述發生在自己身上的事情。而每當我講到不願意回憶的痛處時,她會自然而然地伸出手來安慰我、鼓勵我。她不像影視片中的律師那麼冷傲,她更像一個和你命運相關的當事人!




從我2014年7月見到詹久誼律師,到2015年1月拿到庇護面談通過通知書,半年的時間,我們從客戶關係變成了密友。她在我焦慮的時候安慰我,在我擔憂的時候寬慰我,在我急躁的時候包容我.  她的言行完全超過了一個律師的工作範疇。選擇她,也是選擇通向成功道路的開始!

Y.J., Asylum client from 陝西