Meiwah Reopening- Coronavirus and the Immigrant Population

Dear Friends,
Great news, Meiwah is reopening today!  Like so many local businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19, particularly Asian restaurants, Meiwah Restaurant in Chevy Chase had stopped operating in April.  Larry La, the owner of the restaurant, is a Vietnamese-Chinese refugee who arrived in the US decades ago.  For nearly 20 years, the restaurant has stood as a symbol of hard-won American dream in our community.  For us immigration lawyers, it is a source of pride, inspiration, and affirmation that those whom we help can go on to make such important and wonderful contributions to America.  Here are two articles about Meiwah and the devastating domino effect coronavirus has had on a chain of businesses:

Meiwah is reopening today for pick-up orders at 301-652-9882, and delivering via and  

Asian restaurants are commonly employers for a struggling immigrant population. They have also been the undeserved targets for discrimination during this crisis.  I hope that everyone will help spread the word and try to order food and support these local businesses in our communities as much as we can.  They truly need our help!  

Thank you all!  And please stay well. 

~ Julie Oliver-Zhang, Managing Partner of Oliver-Zhang Law