Mickey 2.2

Mickey Liu | 刘美贵
Foreign Language Specialist

Ms. Mickey Liu is the Foreign Language Specialist at Oliver-Zhang Law. Ms. Liu is fluent in reading, speaking, and writing Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakanese, and English.  With an extensive background in language education and Chinese client communications, she assists not only in client intake services, but also assists in the precision processing of Chinese language materials for both litigation and immigration needs.  She understands the linguistic, cultural nuances, and assists our clients in presenting the best interpretations of their evidence to the decisionmakers.  

Ms. Liu assists in the accurate and effective translations of English to Chinese and Chinese to English materials, which is a tremendous benefit to Chinese clients who possess foreign documents.  Ms. Liu has helped our clients in overcoming language barriers in a variety of successful immigration cases, such as marriage green cards, religious asylum, political asylum, same-sex marriage green cards, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petitions, and L-1 visas.

Ms. Liu is also assisting in client outreach in mass torts actions, such as asbestos or Actos, where patients who suffered bladder cancer due to their exposure to the diabetic drug were able to receive compensation for their injuries through speedy settlement.  She understands the importance of reaching the often forgotten, Chinese victims of negligence.  Ms. Liu assists in client outreach both in the United States and abroad, and help victims who may not otherwise be compensated for the drug company’s wrongdoing.

Ms. Liu graduated from Shih Hsin University (世新大學) in Taiwan, with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing. Ms. Liu obtained her associate’s degree Diploma of Broadcasting and Television at the World College of Journalism.  While pursuing her advanced degree, Ms. Liu co-founded and directed the HonRu Language Education Center.  Along with obtaining her Teacher’s Certificate in Primary Education in 2006, Mickey is certified in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language (TCSOL).

Outside her role at Oliver-Zhang Law, Ms. Liu further contributes to the community by teaching Mandarin Chinese at DC Harmony Public School, as well as Language Stars.  She was awarded the Excellent Teacher Awards at HonRu Education Center and Hess Educational Organization, and the Volunteer Award by the Taoyuan County Government.